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Our Interior Design firm specializes in creating Your Look for Your Lifestyle.

Superior Value

At Interior Expressions, we help you determine what will best suit your tastes, lifestyle and budget, and then help you implement that plan in the most cost effective manner.  We are all about providing you SUPERIOR VALUE.

To most of our clients, Superior Value is defined as some combination of the following:

Quality (Made in U.S.A. if possible) + Durability + Warranty + Great Service + Hassle Free+ Fair Price = Superior Value

Listening is Key

We listen to your desires and wishes, likes and dislikes, lifestyle and budget, and then help you identify the right mix of colors, textures, finishes, layout and products that will result in just the right look for YOUR lifestyle and budget.

Client Profile Process

We have developed our own Client Profile process that ensures we know exactly what YOU want.  And if you’re not sure of what you want, or maybe you can’t agree with your spouse or partner, our Client Profile process helps us zero in on what you’re looking for and identify areas where the two of you agree.

No “Style”

Our Interior Design Firm doesn’t have A specific design style, like some.  The style we favor is YOUR style – whatever YOU envision – we’ll just help you get there.

We pride ourselves in others not being able to tell one of our client’s had Interior Expressions did their home.  We want each client’s design to be unique – just for them.  It kind of defeats the purpose of hiring a professional interior designer and then end up with a design that looks like many other.  That won’t happen with Interior Expressions.

Unique Showroom

In our showroom, we display products that represent several different styles.  These room settings give YOU the opportunity to see the quality of manufacturers we carry, and as a starting point for developing YOUR special look.

I opened the showroom because I saw how frustrated my clients were with having to run all over town – fighting traffic all the way – to get what they really wanted.  They wanted to enjoy why they moved to Tucson, not spend all their time finding what they needed and wanted.

The showroom enables us to order direct from the factories.  I learned early on in my interior design career that most manufacturers won’t sell to an interior designer – unless they have a showroom to display the manufacturer’s products.  That makes perfectly good sense from the manufacturer’s viewpoint, but it sure made it hard on my client’s.

ONE-STOP Solution

We can help you with nearly every aspect of your decorating, remodeling or new construction project.  For what we don’t handle ourselves, we have relationships with highly skilled and trusted “partners” that can help you.  AND, you’ll have the Interior Expressions team helping you coordinate and manage the entire process.

I’ve spent over 12 years assembling a trustworthy group of employees and trades that you can rely on to do what we/they say – with no excuses.

If there is something you need for or done to your home – and we can’t do it – we will find you someone that can.

MUCH MORE than a furniture store

Like at most furniture stores, your choices at Interior Expressions won’t be restricted to only what we have “in stock”, because we don’t really have any “stock” per se, especially when it comes to furniture and uphosltery.

Yes, everything in our showroom is for sale, but we seldom sell what we have in our showroom, because you’ll probably want a different fabric, or slightly different color or style.  Which is great – that is what we specialize in PERSONALIZED home interiors – just what you want.

The samples we have in our showroom is so you can see the quality construction, try out of fit and scale, and to help you envision what the piece might look like in your home.

If we don’t have exactly what you want, we’ll find it for you.  You won’t be running all over town or the state to get just exactly what you want.

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I hadn't worked with a designer before and didn't know what to expect. I was worried about being steamrolled into things I didn't want or like. That wasn't the case at all.

Kathy Davidson, retired

Oro Valley

I was worried about making costly mistakes, and wanted to get full value for the money spent. I have been very pleased with all work.

Edy Thogersen

Property Manager - Tucson Foothills

The contractors that IE recommended to work with were great-very professional.and careful craftsmen. Their materials are very good quality and fit beautifully with our other furnishings.

They are very knowledgeable and have a complete group of vendors to meet any need.

Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer

Oro Valley & Dallas, TX

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