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What to Expect at Our First In-Home Visit

Starting Point

Your first in-home appointment is the starting point for what we hope will be a long and enjoyable relationship.  That is our intent anyway.  I’m not looking for a customer, but a long-term client.

Pre-Appointment Fact Finding Call

Depending on the scope of your project(s), someone from our office may call you a few days prior to get some basic information from you.  This will enable us to make better use of our time together.  It will also enable your designer to come better prepared with relevant samples or information.

Time Allowed

Most initial visits take between one and two hours, depending on the scope of your project(s).  If because of the scope of your project(s) we think our first in-home visit together might take longer we will certainly let you know well in advance.


It is important you, your family and your designer connect.  This initial meeting is vital for establishing this important connection between us.  Connection is kind of like beauty – it’s hard to describe, but you know it when you feel it.

Here are some keys, from your standpoint, to ensure a good connection is made between you and your designer:

A.    Be open and honest

  • Provide as much information as you can – more is better than less
  • Everything you tell me is held in strict confidence
  • We all have our own little quirks and pet peeves.  If you think any of these might affect your project, please share those with your designer.

B.     There are no right or wrong answers

  • Your designer will be asking many questions, so gain a crystal clear idea of what you want
  • Most of the questions will be around your desires, history and what you envision the end result to be – so there are no right or wrong answers

C.    OK to say “I don’t know”

  • Better to say “I don’t know” than make something up or tell your designer what you think he or she wants to hear, which might cause me to propose something you don’t like
  • “I don’t know” will enable your designer to ask additional questions to at least gain a better understanding on a direction or what to avoid

D.    OK to say “I don’t understand” or “I’m not sure what you’re talking about”

  • As with most professionals, we designers sometimes use industry jargon or acronyms, because it is the way we talk amongst ourselves and suppliers
  • If your designer says anything you don’t understand, please speak up and let them know
  • You should feel bad if you don’t know an industry term.  We deal with this stuff every day – you don’t.

All Adult Residents of Home

We respectfully request all residents of your home be present at our initial meeting – especially if they will be involved in the decision making process – it is vital we get their input.  The last thing we want to do is create any kind of conflict within your home because your designer didn’t get adequate input from all your family members.

Not all family members may be required for the entire first visit.  If they could at least be available to get vital input when needed should be fine.

Tour of your Home

When your interior designer arrives at your home, no matter what the scope of your project(s), they would like to tour your entire home.  Touring your entire home will enable

  1. You to tell them what you like or don’t like about your current home environment so they get a feel for your style and tastes
  2. You to identify possible future changes so we make sure what we might do now doesn’t conflict with or prevent what you might like to do in the future
  3. Your interior designer to get a better understanding of your lifestyle, tastes, preferences and what to avoid

Customer Profile Process

Interior Expressions has developed, and perfected over the years, our proprietary Customer Profile process.

This process helps ensure your interior designer gains a complete understanding of your project(s) and you end up with the result you envision.

This proven process is one of the key factors which enables us to extend to you our industry leading TRIPLE GUARANTEE.  We don’t want you to be just satisfied with what we help you with, we want you to be HAPPY, with the both the process and the outcome.

Our Customer Profile process involves:

  1. Asking lots of questions – how many depends on the scope of your project(s) and your answers.  Sometimes one questions leads to several more for further clarification.
  2. Taking pictures/video of relevant rooms, furniture pieces or other furnishings/finishes to allow your interior designer to select colors/fabrics, determine scale of furnishings, and basically do their job
  3. Taking measurements, as needed (rooms, furniture, windows, etc.)
  4. Recording the conversation so your designer can concentrate on what they are seeing and hearing vs. taking massive notes.  Your designer can then refer to the recording as they are developing  their diagnosis and action plan.
  5. Review any photos you have of homes, rooms, fabrics, furniture etc., you like so your designer can get a better sense of what you like.

Your Questions

It is important for you to ask any and all questions you have.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  We welcome your questions.  Most homeowners do redecorating or remodeling infrequently, so we know you will probably have lots of questions.

One suggestion is for you to spend a few minutes before our initial meeting to think through your project(s) and jot down any notes, key aspects or questions you have.  This may help you remember to ask what might turn out to be an important question or telling me some critical information.

Hopefully, this explanation of what you can expect at our first in-home visit will set the stage for a great visit and the start of creating your dream home.

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