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What Our Clients Are Saying About US


You’re a cross between Candice Olson and Mike Holmes.” (HGTV & DIY Network Stars)

– Mark Porter, Tucson

See What Our Clients Think About Us … In Their Own Words

Our clients are delighted with the work we do for them – see for yourself with these videos from some of our previous clients.

Here we have an interview with Mike & Cheri Peck, who we worked with to help build their new custom home in Sullivan, Missouri.


The Experience

Great Listeners

We’ve had a most positive experience working with IE. The entire staff are great listeners, and even better at follow-through.  I have a home that reflects our personalities and interests – without sacrifice for the sake of a “designer look”.

What made us happiest was your ability to listen and interpret our sometimes unclear wants, and show us choices that what would please us. We never felt insecure. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to rely on your knowledge and expertise.

        Zelda Aaronson, Retired Teacher – SaddleBrooke


I felt complete trust and enjoyment working with the entire staff.

      Dorothy Pile, Luxury Apartment Manager – Oro Valley

Made to Feel Important

When we came to Tucson, we visited other places that left us feeling “unimportant”. Our experience with IE all began with a telephone call that left me feeling relaxed, excited and confident that we were going to have a fruitful experience; we were right.

        Zelda Aaronson, Retired Teacher – SaddleBrooke

Fun to have Expert Advice

Our thrown-together furniture had just survived raising kids. It was time to get a fresh look. How fun to have such an expert designer help us add such beauty to our relaxed home! In a business where coordination is key, I appreciate their faithful communication about timelines and solutions to temporary roadblocks. I was extremely pleased with IE – they deliver!

        Lillian Mills, Accounting Professor – Tucson

Down to Earth

We are very happy with our experience with IE. We have been recommending IE to all our friends. Our designer is so down to earth, with great ideas.

We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these changes without her expertise.

        RP & Lydia St. Clair – SaddleBrooke residents

Comfortable / No Pressure

I found IE to be most helpful, understanding and cooperative.  It made me happy to have someone to talk with who was interested, and not in a great hurry; someone who made me feel comfortable and not at all pressured.

        Grace Milton, retired – Oro Valley

Customer Comes First

I found IE to be professional, friendly and the customer comes 1st!  Being new to Tucson, they made the process easy and fun! They were very flexible and accommodating to my schedule.

        Linda Faye, Retail Executive – Marana, Dove Mountain

Friendly Service

I appreciated the friendliness and service at IE. It was convenient, and they were very hospitable on my frequent trips to pursue and envision what we really wanted.

        Carol Goeman, R.N, retired – Oro Valley

Accomodating – Convenient – Easy

Your guidance in selecting the correct style of sofa to purchase made me the happiest, as well as the accommodating and convenient design adviceYou made it so easy to purchase.

       Splendido resident – Oro Valley

Attention to Detail – Follow Through

I found IE very positive, helpful, creative and friendly. I especially appreciated their attention to detail, follow-through on any issues, and working with what I had.

     Joanne Wickberg – Sun City Vistoso

Couldn’t have done it on my own

I had a wonderful experience working with IE. I’m most pleased with the creativity the designer brought to the project, that I never could have achieved on my own. My biggest challenge is being able to visualize and IE was very good in helping with that part.

        Debbie Drysdale, CEO – Oro Valley

No Pressure Fun

You were so easy to get along with, no pressure and took into account my tastes. You made the process fun!

        Karen Bettencourt, retired – SaddleBrooke

Advocate in Our Corner

It’s truly been a pleasure working with you. Your assistance and expertise in all facets was invaluable.  We always felt we had an advocate in our corner.   When we start planning another home project, you’ll be the first we call. We are recommending you to our friends and neighbors who have complimented us on our home improvements.

        Peggy & Jon Grantham – SaddleBrooke

Fixed Problems I Created

It was wonderful to have these professionals come in and take over the decorating problems I had created. Things are looking SO much better.

        Jacque Montrose – Oro Valley, Splendido

You Put Me At Ease

I .love what you have done for me in my home. You and your staff were great to work with. Helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of home design.  You put me at ease from the very start – there were no problems at all.

        Judith Sago, retired – Oro Valley, Stone Canyon

Responsive Problem Solvers

They find solutions to any issue. They DO NOT STOP until the customer is satisfied. They have a “can do” attitude.  You are always focused on ME when we are meeting or talking. I really like the personal touch that you consistently use.

What surprised me the most is how responsive you are and that you solved all problems.  You also kept the sub-contractors accountable.

        Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer -Oro Valley & Dallas, TX

I Actually Had Fun Decorating

The staff is very friendly and helpful.  We feel we’ve made true friends in Arizona that will do whatever to satisfy our needs.   I actually had fun decorating; our designer and the whole IE staff made it a great experience. I didn’t have to do much shopping; you made it so easy: Whenever I need anything else, I’ll just call IE; I can depend on them.

     Kathy & Greg Maag, Pharmacy Owners-Marana, Dove Mtn


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The Results

Cohesive Look

There is a cohesive look that I wanted.  The kitchen is beautiful – floor, cabinets, paint, etc.  They all work together.

        Kathy Davidson, retired – Oro Valley

Everything Hoped For

The finished product was everything we had oped for.

        Jeanne & Mike Reale, Teacher & Chemist – SaddleBrooke

100% Satisfaction

Excellent quality and selection.  Prompt follow-up after delivery and quick response to be sure of 100% satisfactions

        Ann Clark – Oro Valley

Now I Enjoy My Home

The finished product gave me such pleasant feelings in each and every room.  Now I enjoy my home.

        Marilyn Carey, Taeacher and Business Owners – Oro Valley

Impeccable Work

The work was impeccably done and we did not have to supervise in either case.

        Jim & Nicole Whitenight, FBI & R.N., retired – Oro Valley

Our Home Sold in 11 Days for a Top Price

I believe the elegant look you created helped sell our home

        Lillian Mills, Accounting Professor – Tucson


The result is beautiful!  I’m thrilled with how my home looks.

        Karen Bettencourt, retired – SaddleBrooke

More Useable and Comfortable

Now our home is much more useable for entertaining and is more comfortable.

        Karen Haddock, Accountant – SaddleBrooke

Amazingly Short Time

We accomplished so much in an amazingly short period of time.  She made our home decorating experience interesting, thorough, creative and FUN!

        Suzi Michelson, Homemaker – SaddleBrooke


I LOVE my new home.  It’s so ME.  100% Thrilled.  It was smooth from beginning to end.

        Lydia Quilhot, Oro Valley

Innovative & Great Ideas

Many innovative ideas.  The materials and colors you recommended blend beautifully with our furnishings.  You have great ideas and we recommend you to anyone wanting to decorate a new or existing home.

        Richard Denton, retired – SaddleBrooke

Turned Situation Positive

You certainly succeeded in turning a not so good situation we created into a positive experience.  We will be confident in recommending Interior Expressions to our friends.

        Ingo & Rigmor Schneider, retired executives – Oro Valley


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Budget / Cost

My Husband Was Surprised

I was concerned whether they could work within my budget.  It came out very well. My husband was surprised at all I got for the price.

        Joanne Wickberg – Sun City Vistoso, Oro Valley

You Conserve My $

I will pay for excellence, but appreciate the way you conserve my money. Outstanding Value. Your professionalism inspires confidence.

        Ken Zebal, retired Marine Officer – SaddleBrooke

Afraid They Would Be Too Costly

We were afraid that the process would be too costly, but IE worked within our budget.

         Jeanne & Mike Reale, Teacher & Chemist – SaddleBrooke

I thought prices would be over other stores – they proved otherwise.

        Jacque De Hart, Artist- Oro Valley

Effective Ways to Save Costs

They have very cost effective solutions.

        Debbie Drysdale, CEO – Oro Valley

You found many ways to save money by incorporating existing furniture and accent pieces. .

        Karen Bettencourt, retired – SaddleBrooke

I Could Go Slow

I was concerned about cost, but you helped me realize I can go S-L-O-W-L-Y in redecorating.

        Mary Modaff, Registered Dental Hygienist – Oro Valley

Worked Within Our Budget

My fear was going way over budget, but they wouldn’t let that happen.

        Mary Lou Kopcsak – SaddleBrooke resident

IE is friendly, helpful and willing to work within a budget. We felt cost would be a large problem, but we chose what we wanted and they helped us work within our budget.

        Karen Hoddock; Accountant – SaddleBrooke

They listened to me and my budget

        Linda Faye, Retail Executive – Marana, Dove Mountain

I was concerned about the cost, but IE was able to work within my budget to get me what I wanted.

        Dorothy Baldwin – Oro Valley

At the onset, my husband had concerns that you would not stick to the amount budgeted, but you did.

        Zelda & Don Aaronson – SaddleBrooke

Your willingness to work within my price range surprised me the most.

      Judith Sago, retired – Oro Valley, Stone Canyon

Thought You Would Be More Expensive

I thought things would cost more.

        Susanne Hustek, retired executive – Marana, Canyon Pass

Going in, we thought working with and interior designer would be expensive, but prices were reasonable for the services performed. We were pleasantly surprised with the prices of items/services.

        Jan & Bill Olsen, retired – SaddleBrooke

My perception of interior designers was that they would be too expensive, but IE works with you on what you can afford. I thought there would be additional expenses, but there weren’t.

        Mary & Marion Cosand – Oro Valley

Fears / Concerns

Concerned the Design Reflected ME, not the Designer

We had never used an interior designer. I wanted to be sure the end result reflected me – not the designer. Our designer was incredible – really intuitive about what we wanted – full of ideas.

        Karen & Wes Wadman – Oro Valley

I hadn’t worked with a designer before and didn’t know what to expect. I was worried about being steamrolled into things I didn’t want or like. That wasn’t the case at all.

        Kathy Davidson, retired – Oro Valley

I was afraid they would impose their will on mine, and they didn’t. They listened!

        Marilyn Carey, Teacher & Business Owner – Sun City

Fearful I Wouldn’t Be Understood

I was fearful about making sure the designer understood what my style was. That fear was quickly eliminated, as everything the designer shows me is something I really like.

        Kathy & Greg Maag, Pharmacy Owners – Marana, Dove Mtn

Worried About Costly Mistakes

I was worried about making costly mistakes, and wanted to get full value for the money spent. I have been very pleased with all work.

        Edy Thogersen, Property Manager – Tucson Foothills

Bad Experience with Other Design Firms

I’ve had bad experiences in the past – designers not listening to me and having their own agenda. I experienced none of that with IE.

        Linda Faye, Retail Executive – Marana, Dove Mountain

Would it be Long and Arduous?

I was concerned the transformation in my home could be a very long and arduous experience. It ran so smoothly. I was thrilled.

        Lydia Quilhot – Oro Valley

Concerned About being Overwhelmed

I was initially concerned about,”the project being over-whelming, but you kept it on a very manageable level. You addressed my concerns and reduced my stress, which is very appreciated. You are very well organized and always came to meetings prepared.

     Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer-Oro Valley & Dallas, TX

Feared Pressure

I had a fear of pressure – having the design taken out of our hands. We experienced no pressure and great acceptance of our ideas. There was good communication throughout.

         Drs. Rupert & Marian Brook, retired – Saddlelirooke

Concerned About the Final Look

I was concerned how the final remodel project would look.  But, I always felt the project was under control and we worked through the mini “bumps” and ended up with a successful project.

        Ann Clark – Oro Valley

Could They Meet My Wife’s Expectations

I was concerned whether Interior Expressions would be able to meet the expectations of my wife; they did so with grace.

        Dr.Bob Oro, Dentist – Oro Valley

All My Fears Taken Away

Any fears I might have had were gone after my first visit to IE.  I was able to purchase furniture, sight unseen, for an apartment that I had not been in, and everything was perfect and just right.

        Grace Milton, retired – Oro Valley

Fear of the Unknown

There is always the fear of the unknown. Their responsiveness and working together attitude – along with their focus on guality – overcame that fear quickly.

        Julie Gilmour – Oro Valley


One-Stop Shop

You Really Can do Everything

I am still a bit shocked at how you can just do EVERYTHING!  I thought this was all going to involve Brian and me having to run around to a lot of places, .. cabinets, countertops, lighting places, flooring places … you are like one-stop shopping!

         Pam Rhatigan, Tucson

IE is our LOCAL one-stop interior design center for all our interior purchases. They helped turn our house into a home.

        Ken Blanchard, Financial Advisor – Oro Valley

One Source for Everything

One of the most important benefits we received in working with IE was going to one source for everything; made things so much easier and simpler

        Mike and Linda Matre, Engineer and Legal Secretary, SaddleBrooke

No Running All Over Town

I was able to do one-stop shopping and not having to run all over town.

        Dorothy D. Vanek, Homemaker – Splendido, Oro Valley

Simplified Shopping

They simplified my shopping by being able to get everything locally.

        Jacque-De Hart, Artist – Oro Valley

Changed My Perception

Prior to working with Interior Expressions, my perception of interior designers in general was that they are good at selections, but not necessarily as a one-stop shop. Finding a firm such as Interior Expressions changed my perception.

       Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer-Oro Valley & Dallas, TX



Busy / Out-Of-Town / Work in Stages

Designer did Dreaded Legwork

I’m a busy woman who doesn’t enjoy shopping. The designer did all the dreaded legwork. I enjoyed selecting among three or four tasteful choices in the convenience of my home. IE made this experience an efficient pleasure.

        Lillian Mills, Accounting Professor – Tucson foothills


Work Done While Out of State or Country

What made us happiest is that we could confidently-leave everything in your hands, as we were out of the country.

        Karen & Wes Wadman – Oro Valley


Very accommodating – it’s hard to decorate a new home when you live out-of-state. You made it so easy.

        Kathy & Greg Maag, Pharmacy Owners-Marana, Dove Mtn

We were mildly apprehensive at first, knowing that major work would take place in our absence. IE has proven over and over that we can confidently leave and return, months later to a job beautifully done.

        Jim & Nicole Whitenight, FBI & R,.N, retired – Oro Valley

Living in Manhattan and buying a home in Tucson, we entered with trepidation and more than a little concern. IE was our salvation.  I’m absolutely certain if we hadn’t found you we would still be struggling with our “Tucson project“.  Everything was more than satisfactory and all due dates were met. Amazing!

        Roger & Susan Kennedy – Oro Valley / Manhattan NYC

Work in Stages

Our experience, over 4+ years, has been excellent.

        Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer-Oro Valley & Dallas, TX

I appreciate IE’s willingness to work in stages over time.

        Lillian Mills, Accounting Professor – Tucson Foothills



Great Recommendations on contractors

The contractors that IE recommended to work with were great, very professional and careful craftsmen. Their materials are very good quality and fit beautifully with our other furnishings.

I Wanted Experienced Workmen

Workmen who had good ideas to contribute, and IE provided that. They were timely and cleaned the area without leaving a mess. I highly recommend them. It’s been a great experience.

         Helen Fisher, Publisher – Oro Valley

Top Notch Contractors and Subs

All the workers sent out were top-notch.

        Karen Bettencourt, retired – SaddleBrooke

They not only deal with reliable suppliers, but they have the most incredible stable of skilled craftsmen, all of which contributed to make the experience rewarding.

        Karen & Wes Wadman – Oro Valley

I’m so pleased with the choices, workmanship and installation.  What a beautiful change! Please tell your crew I am delighted with all they did.

        Fran Richardson – Oro Valley, Splendido

They are very knowledgeable and have a complete group of vendors to meet any need.

        Sue Fish, Chief Financial Officer – Oro Valley & Dallas, TX

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What Clients Are Saying

What a beautiful change! Please tell your crew I am delighted with all they did.

Fran Richardson

Oro Valley, Splendido

5starIwas fearful about making sure the designer understood what my style was. That fear was quickly eliminated, as everything the designer shows me is something I really like.  

Kathy & Greg Maag, Pharmacy Owners

Marana, Dove Mtn

I was concerned whether they could work within my budget. It came out very well. My husband was surprised at all I got for the price.

Joanne Wickberg

Sun City Vistoso, Oro Valley

Workmen who had good ideas to contribute, and IE provided that. They were timely and cleaned the area without leaving a mess. I highly recommend them. It's been a great experience.

Helen Fisher, Publisher

Oro Valley

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