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What Most Furniture Stores Don’t Want You To Know

Most of the low priced upholstered furniture you see in furniture store ads, especially at the “big box” retailers, is made “off shore”, which usually means China or other far east countries. These products may be off-gassing dangerous chemicals, like the Lumber Liquidators flooring exposed by the CBS News 60 Minutes expose.

Government Oversight?

Those non-USA countries don’t have anywhere near the same environmental rules as the USA to protect you and your children or grandchildren from the harmful effects of the many dangerous chemicals used to keep the cost of production, and price, down.

This is just a wish, as the Lumber Liquidators situation showed. USA does not have the means or resources to test the millions of products imported into the USA each and every day. The government relies on the “self-reporting” done by the companies like Lumber Liquidators, and similar furniture importers.

Is this what you want for your health, and the health of your friends and family? We’re not “Big Government” proponents, but we as individual consumers cannot monitor all the products imported into the United States. We must rely on the government to monitor and test. But as the Lumber Liquidators situation proves, we cannot rely on our government to be our reliable watchdog.

Their furniture is designed and built for the average person

By necessity, the stock furniture at most furniture stores must be built to fit average people.  Thus their stock furniture is built for the average person’s build.  But, the average person really doesn’t exist.  Most people are taller or shorter, or smaller or larger than average.

By definition, 50% of the people are larger than the average build, and 50% are smaller than the average build.  Do you think you are of average build?

Have you ever had to put pillows behind your back to sit somewhat OK?  Have you ever sat on a sofa or chair where your feet don’t touch the floor?  Have you ever had difficulty getting out of a sofa because you sank into the cushion too much?  Unless you are of average build, most pieces at furniture stores will not fit you properly.

Have your feet ever gone to sleep while sitting in a recliner.  That’s probably because the recliner isn’t the right size for your height or leg length, and your feet hang over the end of the recliner, cutting off circulation to your feet.  You’re not of average build. 

They guessed what you would want today, some 9 -12 months ago.

There are 4 major markets per year in the furniture industry.  Two in High Point, North Carolina and two in Las Vegas, Nevada.  At these markets, manufacturers display their new product lines and styles.  At these markets furniture stores place orders to stock their stores, usually in limited colors, configurations and sizes.

The manufacturers combine all the orders received at these shows and then put the orders into production…usually at overseas plants.  It may take nine to twelve months after a market for the product to show up at the furniture store’s warehouse.  Do you really think a furniture store can guess what you’ll want in a sofa, chair or sectional six to nine months from now?  Most people don’t know what they’ll want for dinner tomorrow night.

So unless those manufacturers are mind readers, reading your mind from 9 – 12 months ago, you probably aren’t going to be happy with your choices, and will end up just settling for something.  And then, doing it all over again in a few years because you’ve grown so unhappy with the piece(s).

Benjamin Franklin famously said…The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

They want to sell what they have In-Stock, vs. what is best for you.

warehouse-floor-american-freight-furniture-office-photo-in-furniture-warehouseThis is the real big one.  Because the furniture store has a heavy investment in the furniture in their warehouse, they will do everything they can to sell you what is “In-Stock”, versus what would be best for you.  The color might not be right; the fit might not be right; the size might not be right, but they will do their best to convince you it is right for you (without ever going to your home).

Bottom Line

The bottom line is most furniture stores just want to sell you some furniture; the furniture on their display floor or in their warehouse.  They are not really interested in your long-term comfort, and hope you’ll come back in a couple years when you finally get fed-up with how uncomfortable your new chair, sofa or sectional is.

Keys to a Comfortable, Long-Lasting Chair, Sofa or Sectional You’ll Love

  1. Frame: A solid frame, made of North American hardwoods to avoid off-gassing is the foundation of a quality piece.
  2. Suspension System: A strong, durable suspension will provide years of service without squeaks.
  3. Cushions: most furniture store furniture is available with only one cushion type, and the cushion types vary by manufacturer or style. Some have very firm cushions; others have very soft cushions.  So if you like the style or scale of sofa A, but the cushion type in Sofa B, you’re out of luck.  You’ll have to settle for one or the other.
  4. Fabric: Most furniture store furniture has lesser quality fabrics which will not stand-up to normal use. They do this purposefully so you’ll need to replace it within a few years.  Planned obsolescence is what they call it in other industries.  Some may call it gouging the buyer.  Also, your fabric choices are usually very limited with furniture store furniture.

The Solution – Comfort-Fit™

Beacon Hill sofa & chair_Essex ottomans_300dpi

Beacon Hill Sofa & Chair

The birth of Comfort-Fit was driven by you, our clients. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes – short, tall, big and small. Additionally, as we age, we “shrink”; our bones “contract”. This results in many older folks not fitting very well in furniture built for the “average” person. We’ve been working on solving this for at least five years.

The Comfort-Fit line of upholstered and leather furniture is THE solution we have been searching for these many years. With our Comfort-Fit line we can adjust nearly every aspect of the piece to ensure your chair, sofa or sectional fits your individual comfort.

We can adjust nearly every aspect of a piece of upholstery that affects your comfort:

  • Size (Extra-Small to Extra-Large)
  • Seat Depth (as we age we need shorter depths)
  • Seat Cushion Type/Firmness
  • Back Cushion Type/Firmness
  • Arm Type/Height
  • Back Pitch (Angle)
  • Leg Height
  • Embellishments
  • The PERFECT Fabric for You!

Estate Sectional & Taylor Chair

Estate Sectional & Taylor Chair

In our partnership with the third-generation Arizona upholstery manufacturer we can offer several thousand upholstery fabrics vs. the typical 3- 4 at furniture stores. This enables us to provide a wider array of options to match your style than any other upholstery option anywhere.

120 Day Comfort-Fit Guarantee

Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa

Because we are so confident of our Comfort-Fit™ fitting process and the resulting Comfort-Fit™ furniture, we offer the first-in-the-industry 120-Day ComfortFit™ Guarantee.

If within 120 days from delivery your Comfort-Fit™ furniture does not meet your true comfort, we will adjust the piece so it meets your full comfort.

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