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Window Drapery is the “icing on the cake” for a room.

Drapery can define your home decor as much as the furniture or flooring you choose. Windows establish the way you gaze at the world outside, and drapery  affects how you experience the room by establishing a mood with color, framing windows to anchor the views,  adding insulation value and reducing noise levels.

New drapes allow you to have a fresh look in your home, control the amount of light in your rooms, defusing glare or creating privacy.

Ultimate Personalization

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Drapery provides so many options for personalizing a room, or your entire home.  There are so many styles, fabrics and embellishments that can be utilized with drapery.  It is the one aspect of a room’s décor that allows the most creativity – enabling you to truly personalize or even add a theme to the room.


Icing on the Cake

I like to think of drapery as the icing on the cake, when it comes to decorating a room or home.  Drapery, when properly designed – constructed – installed, can transform a room like hardly any other aspect or component of the room.

Save The Drapes For Last

Drapery should be one of the LAST pieces of the puzzle decided upon when it comes to redecorating your room(s).  This is because there is so much flexibility when it comes to drapery.  Drapery is also one of the easiest items to change down the road – much easier than flooring and even furniture  –  no need to rip things up or cause turmoil in your home in order to change drapery.

Just like icing on the cake is the last step – so should drapery.

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We were mildly apprehensive at first, knowing that major work would take place in our absence. IE has proven over and over that we can confidently leave and return, months later to a job beautifully done.

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Very accommodating - it's hard to decorate a new home when you live out-of-state. You made it so easy.

Kathy & Greg Maag

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Living in Manhattan and buying a home in Tucson, we entered with trepidation and more than a little concern. IE was our salvation. I'm absolutely certain if we hadn't found you we would still be struggling with our "Tucson project". Everything was more than satisfactory and all due dates were met. Amazing!

Oro Valley

Manhattan NYC

They not only deal with reliable suppliers, but they have the most incredible stable of skilled craftsmen, all of which contributed to make the experience rewarding.

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