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Why Home Remodeling is often a NIGHTMARE for Homeowners?

Nearly everyone has their remodeling horror story, or knows others that do.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dozens of Remodel Rescues, fixing other’s mistakes and doing remodels right the fist time, have show us that there are four primary reasons why a remodel project might turn into a nightmare…

1. Little Experience

Because they’ve never done it, or do it so infrequently, most homeowners have little experience dealing with contractors.  Seasonal residents and area newcomers often have no idea who can be trusted…who is good and who is not.

2. No Plan, Timeline or Budget

These are the cornerstones to a successful remodeling project.  Without a complete plan, accurate timeline and through budget you probably won’t get what you want, it will take too long and cost too much.

We will help you create a thorough plan (called Scope of Work), an accurate timeline and complete and thorough budget.  We don’t want there to be any budget “surprises” along the way.

3. No Leverage

Most remodeling contractors know your job is probably the only time they will do work for you, providing you little leverage when it comes to prioritization, scheduling or other accommodations.

Because we provide a great deal of work for the contractors and subs we recommend, we have a great deal of leverage with our contractors and subs.  They know that if they don’t adhere to our high standards for quality and customer service they won’t be getting any more work through us.

We’ve fired more than one contractor and/or sub over the years, and won’t hesitate to do it again, and they know that.

Let us put our leverage to work for you.

4. Allowances

Contractor’s bids often specify “Allowances” for finish materials that are inadequate for what you really want.  They may be used to providing “contractor grade” finish materials, which are often at the bottom end of the spectrum in terms of color or finish options, and usually not what our clients really want.

When we help you create your “rough” budget, there will be adequate allowances based on our discussions of what your vision is.  Our goal is help you make final finish selections that will, in total, come in at or under the total allowances.  Only you can decide to exceed to exceed the total allowances, because of the final finish selection(s) you make.

Sometimes, during the final finish selection process there can be give and take from one category allowance to another, to accommodate your preferences.  For instance, maybe different light fixtures are chosen to provide off-setting funds for a higher-end backsplash tile, resulting in the same total dollar investment overall.

We act as your ADVOCATE

We have over 50 years combined remodeling and custom home experience.  We put that to work for you to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of or just miss something because you just didn’t know.

We “go to bat” for you with suppliers, contractors and subs to make sure you get the Best Value for your remodeling dollar.  We know where dollars can be saved and where you don’t want to pinch pennies.

Plan – Timeline – Budget

These are the cornerstones of a successful remodeling project.  One of our specialties is picking your brains to uncover the real vision you have for your home.  Then developing a detailed plan, manageable timeline and thorough budget to achieve your vision.

Use Our Trusted Resources

We’ve spent the past 12+ years finding the best suppliers and subs in the Tucson area.  We provide a great deal of business to them, giving us strong leverage for the best service, quality and value for our clients.

Protect Yourself

Contractor’s License

While our Arizona Registrar of Contractors License (ROC# 226418) does allow us to install flooring, window treatments and do finish carpentry, we prefer to work with proven and reliable contractors and sub-contractors.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We will provide you with written proof of our ROC license, liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  We require the same of any contractors and sub-contractors.

It is important that you receive a liability insurance certificate naming you as an “additional insured”.  That way if the contractor or a sub causes a liability that might come back on you, their insurance company will defend you and/or pay the liability.  This is critical to protect you and your assets.

Workers Compensation Insurance

It is also vital that you receive proof that the contractor and all subs have valid workers compensation insurance.  Otherwise, if one of their workers is hurt on your job, the worker could sue you.

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