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Custom Homes

Having an ADVOCATE like Interior Expressions working for you may be your wisest decision when you decide to build a Custom Home.  We will work with you, the architect and builder to ensure you get the custom home of your dreams.

Why is this wise?

Because unless you have already built several custom homes for yourself, you are at the mercy of whatever the architect and builder say or suggest.

There might be other options or alternatives they don’t know about, don’t want to do or have never done before.

Why should you and the vision for your custom home suffer because of this?

Huge Investment

A new custom home is a huge investment.  Spending a little to have an advocate looking out for your best interest is money well spent.  Our advocacy has been proven to help people building a custom home by…

  • Ensuring the budget is accurate and complete
  • Helping stay within budget
  • Offering alternatives to save $
  • Providing options without sacrificing look or feel
  • Make sure your vision is achieved
$112,587 & One-Month Mistake Avoided

Based on our thorough understanding of our Custom Home client's desires and lifestyle, I recommended they change the patio depth to 16 ft. vs. the 10 ft. depth the architect had originally drawn on the plans.

This was discussed at one of the final design meetings with the architect and builder.  I noted it in my comprehensive notes of the meeting.

Since the homeowner didn't live here during construction, I acted as their eyes and ears during the construction process.

One day, during a routine visit to the job-site, I noticed that the footings for the patio overhang were dug at 10 ft. depth.  NOT what our client wanted.

The builder said, "that's what is on the plans".  Upon checking, it was true, the architect had missed that change.

The owners weren't scheduled for a job-site visit for another month. If I hadn't caught that error, the patio would have been not what the owner wanted and there would have been a huge fight between the homeowners, builder and architect.

The builder moved the footer locations and a huge mistake was averted.

The builder estimated it would have cost $112,587 and a month of work to redo the patio.

This is just the largest example of how I saved those homeowners time, trouble and money.

Let me do the same for you.

Betty Jones, Owner

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