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From Fashion to Furnishings…My Story

How a Fashion Designer transformed into…

Award Winning Interior Designer

What do you do, as a young teenager, when you’re fascinated with the fashions you see on TV and in the magazines at the grocery store?

But your options are very limited, being the oldest of four daughters of a hard working mom and enlisted Air Force dad, especially since you moved every six months.  Buying my dream fashions wasn’t an option for me.

Learn to Sew

The solution to my fashion fascination?  Sew my own replicas. I begged my mom to teach me to sew.  I’d save up every nickel of my baby sitting money to buy fabric to sew my latest fashion creations, with my own personal embellishments.

Fashion College?

When my skimpy finances wouldn’t allow me to continue at the prestigious Patricia Stevens College for fashion design, I enrolled in the Fashion Design program at a college close to home in Iowa.  I was a full-time college student, working a full-time retail job to support myself.  It was tough, but I was determined.  My retail experience taught me the value of great customer service and treating thecustomer right.  Lessons my business lives by daily.

Saks Success

Eventually, I found my way to a division of Saks.  Through hard work and perseverance I worked my way up from the sales floor to Senior Designer/Buyer in the women’s division (my dream job) – all while raising our daughter and son.

I loved the process of working with manufacturer’s from all over the world to design women’s apparel.  The creative process was great – the paperwork, bureaucracy and politics – not at all.

Interior Designer or Bust

Sensing my frustrations, my wonderful husband (of 36+ years now) encouraged me in leaving the corporate world and chasing my dream of becoming an interior designer.  I married right.

It seemed natural to leverage my award winning fashion design experience and skills to the world of interior design, since many of the foundations of each are similar: color–texture–depth.

Through dogged determination I found myself working with custom homebuilders and major remodelers (and winning many awards).  I had finally found my true calling.

Hello Tucson!

Even as things were going great in Iowa, my husband and I decided (on our 25th wedding anniversary – I’ll forever treasure that weekend) to escape the brutal Iowa winters and move to Tucson.  Since I didn’t know many people in Tucson, I decided to work for an established interior design firm – at least initially – to get the “lay of the land”.

Is it ironic that most of the firms I interviewed with are now out of business?  I quickly outgrew the firm where I worked.  They were ill equipped to handle some of the major decorating, remodel and new custom home projects I was attracting and relishing.

What’s Missing in Tucson?

After being here in Tucson a year or two, I saw there was a vital need not being met… 

  • Homeowners had no place to go for personalized home furnishings.  They usually drove all over town, suffering brutal traffic, to settle for something less than what they wanted.
  •  “Big Box” stores pushed price over quality for their mostly imported goods.
  • Local furniture stores tended to push what they had in stock, versus what was right for the homeowner.  And, if you needed – heaven forbid – remodeling, they couldn’t help.
  • If you went to an independent interior designer for help, you’d probably end up schlepping all over town – even to Scottsdale – to find things.  That’s what I had to do.

Independent interior designers cannot buy direct from manufacturers, as they don’t have a showroom to display products.   This was a major problem I ran into both in Iowa and in Tucson – I didn’t have a showroom.  It prevented me from getting my clients the best value.  I knew I could do better for them.

My Solution

My vision for solving this vital need in Tucson was a ONE-STOP showroom that could help discriminating homeowners find the quality products they really wanted and deserved– without all the hassles, pressures and compromises the other options offered.

Superior Value

My vision was to create a convenient One-Stop Resource for homeowners, with an emphasis on providing Superior Value.  By having a showroom, I am able to buy direct from factories.  This enables us to provide clients with personalized high quality products and superior value.

I’m also committed to preventing the decorating and remodeling nightmares we often fix.

Made in the U.S.A.

Maybe because of being raised in the military, one of my objectives in opening my showroom was to feature Made in the U.S.A. products wherever possible.

We utilize local legal licensed craftsmen as much as possible – this keeps the business local, while providing our clients maximum flexibility and quick solutions if a problem arises.

I refuse to sell any upholstery that is not Made in the U.S.A. – fabric or leather.  I have worked hard to find and nurture excellent domestic upholstery manufacturers.  Our U.S.A. manufacturers provide great products and superior value for our clients – something our clients appreciate.

Who We Serve

We help homeowners personalize their house into a home

  • that reflects their personal style
  • that fits their lifestyle and budget
  • they are proud to show off – that is the envy of their friends and relatives

Total Value

Our clients tend to be those that place more emphasis on Total Value than initial up-front price.
To our clients Total Value

Quality + Durability + Style +  Hassle Free Convenience + Warranty + Fair Price

I’ll never profess to have the cheapest price.  We all know from experience, the cheapest price does not – in the long run – make for happy clients, and…If our clients aren’t happy, I’m not happy.

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Very accommodating - it's hard to decorate a new home when you live out-of-state. You made it so easy.

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Pharmacy Owners-Marana, Dove Mtn

Workmen who had good ideas to contribute, and IE provided that. They were timely and cleaned the area without leaving a mess. I highly recommend them. It's been a great experience.

Helen Fisher, Publisher

Oro Valley

The contractors that IE recommended to work with were great-very professional.and careful craftsmen. Their materials are very good quality and fit beautifully with our other furnishings.

IE is our LOCAL one-stop interior design center for all our interior purchases. They helped turn our house into a home.

Ken Blanchard

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