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Kitchen Remodeling in Oro Valley

Kitchen remodeling in Oro Valley can be the best investment you make in your home. You’ll not only get to enjoy your new kitchen, but remodeling your kitchen will add the most value to your home.

Since most people remodel a kitchen infrequently, a kitchen remodel can be a hectic and trying experience. We have developed proprietary systems and processes to minimize hassles and cost over-runs during your kitchen remodel.

How Much Should a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Oro Valley?

How much should a kitchen remodel in Oro Valley cost? That’s like asking, “How much does a car cost?” The cost of a kitchen remodel can vary widely, just like cars. Do you want a Toyota Prius of a kitchen or a Rolls Royce of a kitchen?

The cost of any kitchen remodel depends on many factors, including…

  • Will there be a layout change for your kitchen remodel?
  • Caliber of finishes you select. Some homeowners have champagne tastes, but a beer budget. We’ll help you determine a reasonable budget for your kitchen remodel. With Interior Expressions you’ll know what your total investment will be before committing to move forward on your kitchen remodel.
  • Cost of appliances you select. Will you settle for ‘builder grade’ appliances, or do want top-of-the-line appliances, with all the bells and whistles?

Percent of Home Value

You may have seen that some suggest the amount to invest in a kitchen remodel should be a percent of your home’s value. Such ‘rules of thumb’ can be dangerous, based on our experience. These ‘rules of thumb’ do not consider your lifestyle, your desires and wishes, nor other variables in our particular market. These ‘rules of thumb’ also do not consider how long you will live in the home.

A $50,000 kitchen remodel, for example, would cost you only $6.85 per day if you plan on staying in the home for another 20 years.

Investment Guarantee

Our proprietary V-S-P process enables us to dial in your expected investment for your kitchen remodel in Tucson. We guarantee your total final investment will be within +/- 8% of our agreed upon investment for your kitchen remodel, as long as you don’t make changes or additions to your kitchen remodel after we’ve agreed upon your total investment

How Long Should a Kitchen Remodel Take?

The timeframe for your kitchen remodel will depend on the overall scope of the project. Are we removing or adding walls? Are we moving plumbing or electrical during your kitchen remodel? Will we find any surprises inside the walls (like mold)?

You or someone you know may have experienced a ‘nightmare’ kitchen remodel. Our proprietary and proven processes minimize the chances of a nightmare. Sure, delays happen, for a variety of reasons outside our control, but we’re on top of things daily and resolve any issues ASAP.

No Demo Until Materials Available

Materials not available when needed are the biggest cause of delays in any kitchen remodels. At Interior Expressions, we don’t start demo until all finish materials (tile, flooring, counters, cabinets, etc.) are IN TOWN (either at the job site or in a supplier’s local warehouse). This eliminates any delays because materials are not available for your kitchen remodel.

Complementary Initial Consultation

Take advantage of our free consultation program to get your next interior design project started.

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