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Interior Design

Our Style is YOUR Style

One of the most frequent complaints or concerns homeowners have about interior designers is that “they force their style on me, and I won’t get what I want”.
That can never happen with Interior Expressions.

We have developed a proprietary Client Profile process that ensures we get a clear picture of what YOU want.  And if you’re not sure exactly what you want, we have a proven process to help us figure it out with you.

Your Personal Designer

One of our professional interior designers will be assigned as your lead designer, to work with you and your family to achieve your vision.  Your lead designer may have assistance from other team members, depending on the nature, scope and timing of your project.

How We Get Paid

We are paid via one or more of the following ways, depending on your project(s):
1.    Value Based Project Fee
–    Typically for larger projects involving significant design work, drawings and the like
–    This method is best for the client vs. hourly
2.    Mark-up
–    A reasonable mark-up on products we sell you
3.    Hourly
–    Used for only very small design consultations like colorization of a single room

How the Process Works

In Showroom
Typically, it works best if we can meet initially at our showroom to get a basic understanding of the scope of your project(s).

Meeting at our showroom first enables your designer to learn from you
•    some basic information needed to get started
•    an idea of what you want to accomplish (scope)
•    desired timeframe
•    what style(s) you like
•    what you have budgeted (don’t worry if you haven’t; we can help you with that)
•    discuss colors, textures etc.

At Your Home
The next step is for your designer to come to your home.

Your designer will have an opportunity to give your project(s) some thought and consideration based on what was learned at your initial showroom meeting.

See What to Expect at Our First In-Home Visit to learn more about what will happen at our first meeting at your home.

Next Step(s)

Depending on the nature and scope of your project(s), there may be additional meetings at your showroom, in your home or a combination of both.  Your personal interior designer will let you know the next step(s) as your projects progress.

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