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Personalized Furniture

Did you know we do Personalized Furniture?

Often a factory piece of furniture won’t give you the right look or feel for your space. When that happens, we love designing just the right piece for you. Here are a few examples of the hundreds of pieces of personalized furniture we have designed and built for our clients over the years.

Chiseled Look Bedroom Set

personalizedheadboardThis 84” x 84” x 8” thick headboard, with its chiseled edges and stain, was designed to compliment the textural stone wall across from the bed. The chiseled look was extended to the night stands and the pop-up TV enclosure at the end of the bed. The pop-up TV enclosure was needed because the bedroom was so large.

The TV stand was designed so the TV could rotate 360, so the homeowner could view TV from the bed or chairs by the fireplace across the room.

Kitchen Nook Table for Dining or the 3 of Diamonds


This Kitchen Nook Table was designed to fit a specific space and provide the required functionality.

It is a 42” square table for every day dining. Then, with fold-up extensions to make it a 60” round table, it can host the bridge club.

Shoe Changing Bench

This upholstered bench was built so the five foot tall lady of the house could change out of walking shoes at the end of the day.  It had to fit a specific space and compliment the other furniture.

Rather than just an ordinary bench, we designed it with “arms” to make it easier for her to get up and down.

Isn’t Personalized More Expensive?

Sometimes it is, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take into account freight costs, usually from North Carolina, plus receiving and inspection costs here, a locally built piece of furniture can be competitive with factory product, at least with us.

We Don’t Want You To Settle

Part of our job, we feel, is to do everything possible to not let you settle for something that isn’t right for your look and feel, just because of price. We don’t want you to have regrets down the road and say…”I wish we had….”.

Dancing Tuscan Cocktail Table

personalizedcoffeetableThis client wanted a cocktail table to accommodate a sofa, love seat and two easy chairs.  We were tasked with specific instructions… that it had to be “strong enough to dance on”. We met their demand.

Library Dilemma Solved

personalizedlibraryThis client has an incredible library in her home. Her original idea was to put in a sofa to lounge on. When we found she wanted to host book reviews, we suggested four chairs with tables. We designed a set of unique tables to compliment the chairs selected.

These tables are designed to hold a drink while enjoying a great read. The finish on the tables matches the wood finish on the chairs.

Match Existing Furniture

personalizedchairThis client moved into their new Tucson home with an existing dining room table and chairs.

They wanted “matching” chairs for their nook, which was close by. We had our woodworker and upholsterer match their existing table and chairs with “new” chairs that looked just like the “old”.

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